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"Where do I begin? I was in a place of being the heaviest I had ever been, I had been diagnosed with a number of weight related medical issues and was "trying" to lose weight myself, but kept failing after a small amount of weight loss. I must have post the same 5 or 10 pounds 20 times! I started seeing a friend have success with a trainer named Carmen. I unfortunately had just found out I was going to lose my job so I couldn't afford even her extremely reasonable rates then. I did communicate with her though and told her once I had a job I would be calling her! 6 months later I had my first appointment and it was the best decision I've ever made! Carmen has changed my life...I've had great success with her pushing me, encouraging me, challenging me and celebrating my successes! I truly view myself entirely different than I ever have and I have Carmen to thank for it! I am so lucky to have found her!"


"Carmen is amazing at what she does. She meets with you and creates workouts based on your current ability. Its important to find someone who can work around age, physical ability, injuries and such. I have been working with Carmen for 2 years and my husband has joined me along with my 12 year old son. No matter the age, she finds what works! And at an affordable price!"


"I'm so grateful for my trainer, Carmen Alvis James! Through all this COVID-19 pandemic she is keeping us all engaged, on track and focused on our fitness- even remotely! I started with her in November 2019 and couldn't have imagined what she would have me doing in just 4 short months. She has factored in everything about me, she's gotten to know me and what motivates me, she pushes me to make progress. I've not only found a trainer, I've found a partner and friend."


"Carmen will personalize each workout just for you! She knows just how far to push... and just when to let up. Carmen takes a great deal of time to prepare long before a client shows up for a training session. She has a wealth of knowledge with many years of experience which is very evident from the first training session with her. Carmen brings a unique and experienced skill set that is so beautifully enhanced with the implementation of a Christ centered approach. What I personally love is how she pulls in Biblical principals for those who desire that portion. Lastly and most importantly, she genuinely loves what she does and loves her clients on a level that is very hard to come by. Her love for her clients and her love for Christ makes her, in my opinion, one of the top notch trainers in Licking County!"


"Carmen knows how to get the job done!!! I have worked out with 2 other trainers and it just did not work out. There isn’t a day I walk out of that gym not sweating or thinking I didn’t have a great workout! Carmen pushes me out of my comfort zone and pushes me to work harder everyday! I couldn’t do this without her help!"


"Carmen is amazing! Though we've never met face to face, she has helped me lose 20 pounds, develop a healthy lifestyle, and renew my relationship with God. She is adaptable to your circumstances. I train with her using online resources and a weekly phone call. Her experience and support have been immeasurable. Because of Carmen, I'm the best version of me I can be. Do yourself a favor and contact her today!"


"Carmen is absolutely amazing. She challenges you with just enough so you are still making progress without feeling frustrated. I am doing things just in 7 months I never thought I would be able to do!"


"Carmen is the medicine I needed to get on track. She believes in me and pushes me to better than yesterday. I highly recommend Carmen if you're looking for nutritional and fitness changes. Carmen truly cares about every single one of her clients and her programs work!"


"Hands-down, Carmen James is the BEST wellness coach and personal trainer this area has to offer.  Her ability to crack the code in unlocking success for her clients is an incredible gift!  I have lost 40 pounds and look / feel better at 42 years old than I did when I was in my mid-20's.  But beyond the # on the scale, Carmen has truly helped to transform me from the inside out - working on far more than just fitness goals.  Her holistic approach to wellness is what differentiates her from others in her profession.  If you're willing to open your mind, accept accountability and listen to what she says - you will have a lasting transformation!"


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