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The clients in FitSouls have achieved amazing results, both on and off the scale!  As you read through each of the success stories and listen to the interviews - you will quickly realize that each of my clients come from different walks of life.  I am proud to serve a diverse group of women, and am certain that at least ONE of their stories will resonate with you!  Each of these women were desperately seeking to be healthier and happier, and the one thing they have in common is that they all decided to invest in filling their own cups so that they could show up for themselves and their loved ones as the BEST version of themselves!

Diane-B4After (1).png

My name is Diane and I've been in Carmen's FitSouls program for about 18 months at the time of this writing.  I started with Carmen during the early months of COVID, lost 15 pounds during a 21-day challenge and then set a goal to lose 50 pounds by my 50th birthday.  I achieved that goal and have kept the weight off for 5 months and have no doubt that will continue.  I love to reflect on Carmen's daily posts and have learned so much to enable me to become a better version of myself.  I know that sounds cliché, but it's me and I know I've changed.  I now cook for myself and enjoy it.  I workout 6 - 7 days each week and LOVE challenges!

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I'm Kandice and I've been in Carmen's FitSouls program for about 1.5 years.  I'm a wife, a mom, and I work full-time.  I joined the program because I didn't know how to begin my fitness journey.  I am in my mid-40s and was in need of desperate help.  I can say without hesitation that it was the best decision I've ever made.  I've lost 80 pounds and several inches, am down 5 clothing sizes, and feel so much better!


Hi, I'm Amalia and have been with Carmen just shy of 1 year.  I I started last year after participating in one of Carmen's 5-Day Free Challenges and have been here ever since.  I have lost 57 pounds since my journey started with Carmen and am so much stronger both physically and spiritually!  I have learned how to eat healthier and still enjoy life.  I'm married with two grown boys (26 & 22) and a grandma which really motivated me to make a lifestyle change.  I also have Multiple Sclerosis, but MS does NOT have me!  The BEST decision I made was to join this tribe.


I'm Faith and I have been with Carmen in her FitSouls program for almost 2 years.  Before Carmen, I was stuck on the "cardio train" - believing that strength training would never burn enough calories and if I didn't sweat I wouldn't lose weight.  Turns out, Carmen proved me wrong on both accounts!  By incorporating both strength training and cardio, I am now stronger than I have ever been AND I lost 20 pounds!  I am a wife, a mother, and have a full-time, demanding job - but with the flexibility Carmen's virtual program offers - I am always able to stay on track!


Hi! I am Amanda, and thanks to Carmen I have lost nearly 80 pounds!  Carmen pushes me, challenges me, gives me some tough love when needed, is there as a friend and confidant, and encourages me to dig deep in order to change my mindset.


WIth this program, I have come to embrace the fact that every thing does not revolve around the scale. Even though I still love it when my weight goes down, I've learned to also realize it's a win when I finish my 100 oz of water each day, hit my 12,000 step goal, fit into smaller clothes, need to buy new smaller clothes than the smaller clothes I already bought, try and like new healthy options, etc. The wins are endless! My physical strength and endurance is better than ever and I feel so amazing....truly. Oh, and the best blood work I had done this week is so picture perfect it could be a model.  Seriously, cholesterol, thyroid, blood sugar, etc. All amazing!

More Coming Soon!

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